Michael Jordan Autographed 1988 Slam Dunk Backboard

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A pioneer in so many forms, Michael Jordan made one of the most innovative moves of his illustrious career in the 1988 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest in Chicago Stadium. Facing Dominique Wilkins in the final round, Jordan needed a 49 on his final dunk to win the title. His Airness took a slow trek to the opposite side of the floor, began a slow dribble until he hit full speed at midcourt, planted his left foot at the free-throw line and launched into the air, where he double-pumped the ball before slamming it home to the amazement of everyone watching. The end result was a score of 50 and the ensuing dunk title. Wearing the Air Jordan III's, he is seen here midflight in this Upper Deck Authenticated backboard. It features an actual breakaway rim attached to an acrylic backboard that measures 28.75" x 16.75". The image has been duplicated with a ghosted image to give it a 3-D effect with the crowd and rim in the background. Please note the breakaway rim is not for actual play of any sort. It is a memorabilia piece only. Jordan has autographed the shooter's square. The solid silver frame gives it the look of a classy backboard and gives the full piece a measurement of 30.5" x 18.5". Jordan has signed this 1988 Slam Dunk Acrylic Backboard in black paint pen. His signature is deemed authentic by virtue of Upper Deck Authenticated's Five Step Process.

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