Authenticity Guarantee

We strive to provide 100% authentic memorabilia.

Super Sports Center strives to provide 100% authentic memorabilia. We’ll give you a full refund if an item you’ve purchased turns out to be inauthentic or was otherwise misrepresented in its listing.

Every product signing session is conducted and witnessed by an official employee from our distributors. At the conclusion of each session, an affidavit is signed and dated by the athlete and a representative from the distributor. The affidavit details each piece of autographed memorabilia. This affidavit is then stored at a corporate location. Once each piece of signed memorabilia is inspected for the highest level of quality and accuracy, a tamper-resistant serialized hologram is affixed. A matching hologram is placed on a certificate of authenticity which lists detailed information about the item.

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The unique serialized number is recorded in the distributors database. This number can be viewed on the corresponding companies lookup page. Here is a list of the most popular:

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