LeBron James Autographed Galaxy Jersey Number With Photo

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If there was a real Superman of the NBA, it would be Miami Heat forward LeBron James. After just nine seasons, the National Basketball Hall of Fame has reserved King James a comfortable seat on the throne of basketball greatness. At 6'8", LeBron can run faster and jump higher than almost every player in the NBA. He can play any position, guard any position, score at will, rebound better than most big men, and assist his teammates better than most point guards. While LeBron James is a freakishly-gifted athlete to say the least, the current Superman of the NBA was born in Akron, Ohio yet terms of his talent, he is truly from another galaxy. This piece of LeBron James memorabilia entitled "Galaxy" is a framed 16" x 20" designed photo with an autographed #6 jersey number. LeBron's autograph is deemed authentic by virtue of Upper Deck Authenticated's patented five-step process.

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