LeBron James Autographed Front Page News Photo

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You called it before the season started. You were right. The 2013 NBA Finals unfolded just like you said it would. But while King James spent the season hurling heaps of heartbreak to anyone standing between him and his ring, you simply sat back and savored it all. It was nothing personal, you're just a basketball visionary. So picture this. A photo of LeBron is floating around in the form of a 16x24 front page rendition of the Miamian Sun Times. In it, he's glistening, clinching those twinkling trophies he tracked all season. But because this particular playoff path was so memorable we limited the edition to just 50 perfect pieces. One of which should be yours because of your appreciation for all-things-amazing. Speaking of amazing, how do you think this will look on that empty wall of yours? Like we said, you're a visionary.

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