Evangeline Lilly Autographed Ant-Man 12 x 18 Poster

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While most superhero stories involve characters who are larger-than-life in stature and/or superpowers, Marvel Comics developed a character who got stronger the smaller he became. Ant-Man became an instant hit on the big screen when it debuted in the summer of 2015 thanks to its unique storyline and fun characters. Taking on the role of Hope van Dyne was Evangeline Lilly, who was coming off her critically acclaimed role as Tauriel in the second and third installments of The Hobbit trilogy. Lilly was the perfect pick to play Hope van Dyne, a strong woman both physically and emotionally. Hope is the daughter of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne. She reunites with her estranged father when Pym Technologies CEO Darren Cross attempts to develop and sell a deadly weapon based on Hank's Ant-Man suit. She teams with Scott Lang – the new Ant-Man — to stop Cross. It's later revealed during the credits that Hope will become the new Wasp in the upcoming film Ant-Man and the Wasp, which is set to release in 2018. One of a handful of promotional posters released before the movie, Lilly has signed this limited edition (100) Ant-Man 12" x 18" poster in silver paint pen. Her signature is deemed authentic by virtue of Upper Deck Authenticated's Five Step Process.

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