Chicago Bulls 2016-17 Defenders of the Hardwood Game-Used Floor Piece Curve Display Case

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To match baskets and wins with the likes of the defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference takes an unrelenting combination of hard work and talent. The Bulls of 2016-17 feel they are on their way. Chicago didn't perform a complete overhaul in the offseason but added instant All-Star talent in Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo. Throw in durable center Robin Lopez and you have the makings of an instant contender. Five of the Bulls most important pieces heading into '16-17 are featured in this 8" x 10" image entitled "Defenders of the Hardwood". The hardwood that we speak of is an actual piece of NBA game-used floor measuring 3'' x 10". This image and floor piece is beautifully displayed on our patented curve display. The authentic piece of game-used floor featured on this item was legally procured directly from an official NBA arena. Actual game-used floor section may vary in appearance from product image shown. Please note that the images are mock-ups and not the final product. Contents and designs are subject to change.

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