Peter Mayhew Chewbacca Autographed Photo within a Photo 19x22 Collage with Han Solo Millennium Falcon Blueprint

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....A Farm Boy, a Smuggler and his Wookie companion set off on a Spaceadventure and took us along for the ride...A ride that continues 40 years later.Own a piece of Sci-Fi/Cinematic history with this Peter Mayhew Autographed Photo within a Photo 19x22 Falcon Blueprint Collage.The 19x22 Collage features an autographed 8x10 fromPeter Mayhew accompanied with his characters name inscription "Chewbacca". The autographed 8x10 literally "Floats" off the graphic adding a 3-D visual. The collage also features a hand designed blueprint commemorating the most famous "Piece of Junk" in the universe.The autograph is authenticated by Steiner Sports and features our unique ID Tamper-Evident hologram. The hologram number can be entered into the hologram database located on the Steiner Sports website and your certificate of authenticity can be viewed and downloaded at any time.A perfect piece for your home, office or MAN CAVE...Or the perfect gift for that special Sci-Fi fan in your life.

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