Michael Jordan Signed Naismith Leather Head Basketball

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The game of basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891. On January 15, 1892 he published his 13 rules for the game of "Basket Ball". Overtime, the rules have been altered and added to (i.e. how many players are on the court, how many fouls a player received before fouling out, the length of the game, the three point shot, etc…) and now reflect the game we see today. Just as the game as evolved with time, the basketball it's self has progressed to what it is today. The Leather Head Company has created this handmade American basketball with tan leather to replicate the original style lace-up basketball that was used when Naismith first invented the game we have come to love. James Naismith probably never envisioned a player of Michael Jordan magnitude when he invented the game of basketball, but its player of his ilk that have allowed the game to become such a global game. One of the most accomplished players in NBA history, Michael Jordan has six NBA championship rings, five NBA MVP awards and a long list of records to his credit. Pay homage to the original game of basketball with this Michael Jordan hand signed Leather Head handmade eight panel Naismith style lace up basketball. Jordan has signed the ball in silver paint pen and his signature is guaranteed authentic through Upper Deck Authenticated's Five-Step Process.

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